Medical Lasers

Medical Lasers

Medical laser therapy has become a standard of treating several different types of musculoskeletal injuries. Laser therapy uses precise light wavelengths light to create therapeutic effects. The light transmitted through the laser helps stimulate some particular processes that relieve symptoms like swelling, limited range of motion, and pain. There are different categories of lasers, such as the class III laser, which is a cold laser therapy equipment, whereas the class IV laser therapy equipment generates heat.“

The best class 4 lasers deliver infrared laser light to the tissues affected. This reduces swelling and pain and accelerates circulation, healing, and tissue repair. Class IV laser therapy machine stimulates ATP production, which drives the processes within the cells, and this helps accelerate the healing process.

Class IV Laser Therapy Benefits

A class IV laser increases the regeneration of tissue which is why patients heal faster, but it also accelerates bone repair and soft tissues. This type of laser therapy can also

Improve nerve function and regeneration as well as impact the cells to increase enzymatic responses and cell metabolism, promote angiogenesis and collagen production.

So, while you walk away feeling better with class IV laser therapy, it continues to work on your cellular level in order to improve your musculoskeletal health. The 4 laser therapy can be used on a range of issues, including arthritis, chronic knee pain, elbow pain, chronic Achilles tendonitis, and chronic wrist pain. Clinics use these devices on a wide range of extremities and injury sites to offer relief to their patients.

Guide to Buying IV Laser Equipment

Shopping for IV laser equipment necessary to provide the right services can be tricky. For those in the market looking to purchase medical lasers, this tip will help you make a more informed decision.

Budget: Determining a budget for your IV laser equipment is vital and should be done immediately. This can help you narrow your search and prevent you from wasting your time researching laser equipment.

Expected Performance: There are a variety of medical laser equipment manufacturers out there. Many of them sell competing products. So, in order to decide which model or unit to invest in, you should evaluate the types of service you expect to add to your practice.

Knowledgeable Wholesaler: One important factor that is often overlooked is the knowledge base of the company you are buying from. Many suppliers are just sales people. You should work with a supplier who will partner with your clinic and offer invaluable help in identifying the right type of quality laser and model in your price range.

Choosing the Best Medical Lasers

At Genesis One Laser, we are committed to providing high-quality class IV lasers for therapeutic uses. As a professional medical laser supplier, we understand the challenges you face in the ever-changing landscape of patient care. As the leader in medical lasers, our focus has always been on providing you with both business and medicine. You can optimize patient outcomes and strengthen your bottom line with our lasers. Check out our extensive inventory of medical lasers for sale.