Essential Oil Blends California

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Essential Oil Blends California

As the name suggests, essential oils are naturally occurring volatile oils derived from plants or plant parts, which gives them their distinctive aroma. California essential oils are usually obtained through distillation or expressing. Seedbloom essential oils are neat, which means they do not contain additives or any other artificial ingredient. Although essential oils may be obtained from the same plant type, the plant's region and other factors may cause it to produce a fragrance different from essential oils derived from plants grown in other regions. However, the chemical markers of essential oils are the same. Popular essential oil scents include lavender, sage, and myrrh.

How comes Seedbloom essential oils are cheaper than competitor brands?

Our experience has helped us establish excellent relations with essential oil suppliers and vendors. In addition, we buy our products in large quantities, which affords us economies of scale. We also sell our products directly to retailers and clients, eliminating the need for middlemen, which leads to significant savings on production costs.

Our staff feels the question should not be so much why our prices are low, but it should be about why our competitors price their products relatively higher. The main difference between our competitors and us is we have decided to price our products with our clients’ interests at heart.

What are the best essential oil blends?

We have a wide range of oil blends to cater to the unique tastes of our clients. Our representatives can help you find the best oil blend for you. If you are wondering, what essential oils smell good together? Or what essential oil blends well with thieves? Our representatives have excellent knowledge of oil blends that match.

Are the essential oils diluted?

No, we never water down or dilute our essential oils. Although we also sell essential oil blends combined with carrier oils, we label the blends clearly to avoid confusion. On the same breath, we label our pure essential oils clearly, so that clients understand what they are buying. The characteristics of our natural essential oils vary depending on the season. We do not interfere with nature and allow our essential oils to acquire their unique traits based on environmental factors.

How does Seedbloom ensure the quality of its essential oils?

Seedbloom has a quality assurance and control department that adheres to specific standards for packaging, labeling, storing, and shipping our essential oils. Our quality assurance team consists of experienced chemists and technicians equipped with state of the art equipment to perform specialized analyses of our essential oils. The quality assurance team aims to ensure our products meet the standards our clients have come to expect. When you buy Seedbloom essential oils, rest assured you have the right stuff.

Are essential oils non-GMO?

Seedbloom essential oils are non-GMO.

Does Seedbloom Test Essential Oils for impurities?

It is not typical to find heavy metals in distilled oils because the distillation process renders the metals nonvolatile. Although testing essential oils for heavy metals is not a common practice in the industry, Seedbloom performs random testing to ensure its products' safety.

Our products go through rigorous testing and screening for safety. Please contact Seedbloom to learn more or to order your products now: https://seedbloomwellness.com/contact/


Essential Oil Blends California